Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dollar tree Magic the gathering booster packs.

So i was shopping at my local dollar tree and low and behold what do i find in the store. Magic the gathering cards, sold in repackaged packs of ten, the company repacking them is Pristine inc.  for one dollar. So ten magic cards for a dollar not a bad deal, most common rarities are about ten cents at the average game store. As far as getting any card above common i can not tell you what the percentage would be, so far from what Ive seen most packs consists of common cards from just about every expansion set, ranging from 3 rd edition revised to m15. I have not seen any card above common so far, but I have only bought a few packs. I will plan to go back and buy several packs and open them up on a fairly regular basis and list what I find if I am lucky enough to get a card above common then I will post those only, if they are only all commons then I will just share what I find, and will attempt to figure out if they are worth the investment or if its just better to go to your local store and buy singles.

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